3 Questions to Help You Determine if Your Parent Needs a Caregiver

13 February 2017
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A lot of seniors are choosing to stay living at home with help instead of making a move to an assisted living center or nursing home. This is made possible with the help of home healthcare companies. These companies provide caregiver services, and these services can be personalized to fit the needs of any senior. If you are not sure if your parent is quite ready for these services, you may want to ask yourself the following three questions.

Is Your Parent Asking You for More Help?

You may be the one person your parent asks for help quite often. It is normal for seniors to need help, but at some point the help your parent needs might be more than you can offer. Does this seem to be happening lately? Is your parent calling you more often than usual asking for help? When this happens, does it seem like the help he or she needs is fairly basic?

If your parent is calling you more often for help, it might be due to several things. The first might be that your parent cannot handle these tasks any longer. The second reason might involve loneliness. There are times when seniors will ask for help simply to have company. If you work full-time and are having a hard time helping your parent all the time, it might be time to call for help.

Can Your Parent Do Normal Activities Each Day Alone?

One of the big questions to evaluate involves what your parent can and cannot do any longer. If your parent was always self-sufficient but is now struggling with everyday tasks, he or she might benefit from help. There are several things you might want to evaluate as you answer this question, including the following things:

  • Does your parent seem clean and well-groomed?
  • Is your parent's house as clean and tidy as it once was?
  • Is he or she eating well?
  • Are your parent's bills paid?

As you evaluate these aspects of your parent's life, it will become apparent whether he or she needs some extra help. If you notice that things around the house are not getting done like they used to, it is probably because your parent is not able to do all these things anymore.

Is Your Parent Having Issues With Sadness or Depression?

One other thing to consider is whether your parent is happy. If not, is he or she sad or depressed? A lot of seniors struggle with sadness and depression simply from being alone most of the time. A lot of studies have been completed on the subject of the effects of isolation on seniors, and the results are quite disturbing. Isolation with seniors is known for leading to sadness and depression, and seniors that are feeling this way are at a higher risk for developing health problems.

Home healthcare companies do not only provide services that help seniors complete tasks, but they also provide companion services. Companion services are designed to help meet these emotional needs that are left unaddressed with seniors living in isolation. Your parent might benefit greatly simply by having a caregiver come over a few times a week to help him or her with things and keep your parent company.

These three questions can be very helpful when making the decision whether to hire a caregiver. If you feel that your parent is not quite ready for one, then you can wait for a few months or even a year and reexamine the situation then. If you feel your parent could benefit from help like this, contact a company that offers caregiver services to learn more.