3 Questions to Help You Determine if Your Parent Needs a Caregiver

13 February 2017
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A lot of seniors are choosing to stay living at home with help instead of making a move to an assisted living center or nursing home. This is made possible with the help of home healthcare companies. These companies provide caregiver services, and these services can be personalized to fit the needs of any senior. If you are not sure if your parent is quite ready for these services, you may want to ask yourself the following three questions. Read More 

Caring for an Alzheimer’s Patient at Home? 3 Tips to Prevent Wandering and Protect Your Loved One

11 November 2016
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There are many difficult things that caregivers of Alzheimer's patients have to deal with, but one of the most difficult problems you may face is the issue of wandering. Patients with Alzheimer's wander for many reasons—they may not recognize their surroundings and may try to make their way to a familiar location, may believe they're headed home or to work, may be trying to find someone or something, or may just be bored or restless. Read More 

Elderly Parent Care: Helping To Reduce Depression Symptoms

14 May 2015
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Clinical depression is quite common amongst elderly adults, with over six million people feeling the effects of the disease.  If you take care of an elderly parent in your home, then you may see some signs of depression.  Insomnia, lack of appetite, irritability, loss of energy, weight loss, and a generally sullen mood are all signs to look for, and hiring a home health aide can help your parent with loneliness issues that may be causing some of the symptoms. Read More 

Bathroom Additions To Help With Elderly Independence

12 May 2015
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If you have an aging parent that still lives in their own home, or if your parent currently lives with you, then your elderly mother or father likely needs some help from time to time.  If you work, take care of children, or live far away from your parent's home, then you may not have the time to dedicate to their proper care.  Home health aides can be quite helpful in this regard, but your parent may feel depressed, angry, or uneasy about their loss of independence and the need for an aide in the home. Read More