The Benefits Of Hiring Senior Home Care For Your Aging Mom And Dad

2 May 2022
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When your mom and dad reach their senior citizen years, you want to be an attentive son or daughter and take the best care of them. However, you also may have a spouse and children of your own to take care of as well as a full-time job. You might lack enough time each day to visit your parents and make sure they are healthy and safe. Still, you cannot leave them at home all alone to their own devices, particularly when one or both of them experience mobility issues or suffers from a serious illness like dementia. Instead of trying to free up time in your busy schedule, you can hire a service like home health care to come to your parents' home each day and ensure their medical and hygiene needs are fully met.

Sparing Your Schedule

As much as you want to take the best care of your parents, you realize you are unable to do it by yourself. You cannot quit your job. You also cannot neglect to take care of your own family at home. 

Rather than try to shoulder the burden of your parents' care on your own, you can hire senior home care workers to take care of your mom and dad while you are at work or busy with your own family. The workers can be there during the day when you have to be at work. They can also handle your parents' care on busy weekends or during the overnight hours when you cannot be there to take care of your mom and dad yourself. 

Helping With Medications

Even if you were on hand every day for your parents, you might not know how to give their medications properly. You may have no experience in drawing and giving insulin or handing out doses of statins or heart medications that are needed to keep your parents healthy. The senior home care workers, however, are trained to give such medications safely and properly. They can also keep records of when your parents had their medications so other workers and relatives who visit avoid giving more medicines and potentially causing your parents to accidentally overdose.

Senior home care services can help you take care of your aging mom and dad. They spare you from having to find time in your busy schedule to take care of your parents. They also ensure that your parents get the proper doses of medications each day.