Getting Stressed Taking Care Of Your Elderly Parent? In-Home Care Can Help You

28 October 2020
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If you are taking care of your elderly parent and have no help, this can be very stressful for you. Once you become stressed you may even find it difficult to take proper care of your parent. At this point, you should consider using in-home care to help you. Below are some of the services they can offer.

Access to a Doctor

If your parent has an illness, the in-home care aide that comes to your home can contact a doctor if needed. For example, there may be some things the in-home care aide is not able to do. If your parent is exhibiting different symptoms, the in-home care aide will contact a doctor. The doctor can then treat your parent and make sure they are doing okay. There may be times when your parent may need to go to the hospital and if so, the in-home care aide can help with this. 

Offer Nursing Care

In most cases, in-home health care offers nursing care. This will depend on how sick your elderly parent is. The nurse will come to your parent's home and also consult with their doctor. The nurse and the doctor will then set up a health care plan for your parent. The nurse can do things like cleaning wounds, changing dressings on wounds, caring for an ostomy bag, IV (intravenous) therapy, monitoring their health, providing pain control, and administering prescribed medication. 

Offer Personal Care

The in-home health care aide can help your parent with their personal needs. For example, they can help them get out of their bed in the morning, walk, take a bath or shower, and help them get dressed. The in-home health care aide can help your parent brush their teeth or clean their dentures. They can also help your parent go to the bathroom if needed. They can change their adult underwear if they wear them and ensure they are clean after using the bathroom. 

Offer Therapies

There are many therapies your elderly parent may need. This may include speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Your elderly parent may need help with speech. They can ask a physical therapist to come to your home to help your parent with their joints and muscles. If your parent has dementia, the in-home health care service can do therapies that will help them with their cognitive abilities, such as playing certain games. 

Talk with an agency in your area that provides in-home care aides. They can tell you about many more services they can offer your elderly parent.

To learn more, contact an in-home care service today.