3 Tips To Help Your Elderly Loved One Feel Less Lonely

10 February 2019
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As people age, they can have a harder time staying active and social. As their health declines, mobility may become an issue, and your elderly loved one may feel tired more easily. In addition, many seniors can no longer drive due to failing eyesight and poor resources. Without the ability to drive, staying connected to the world can become increasingly difficult. This can lead to loneliness and depression, which can take a negative toll on your loved one's health. Here are three things you can do to help your elderly loved one feel less lonely.

1. Visit often.

You have a busy life, but making time for your senior loved one can make all the difference to them. Strong family connections can make your elderly loved one feel less lonely, so make an effort to visit as often as possible. While you're there, you can do little things around the house to help out. Washing the dishes, preparing a meal, or doing a load of laundry can make your loved one's life easier while you provide them with company.

2. Utilize an in home senior care service.

Many seniors are no longer able to do everything themselves. If your loved one has limited mobility that curtails their social life, they may also have a hard time doing basic tasks like cooking or getting in and out of the shower. If this sounds like your senior loved one, you should contact an in home senior care service. This is a service that will provide in home care aides to help your loved one with daily tasks. An aide can help your loved one with basic hygiene needs and household tasks, in addition to offering companionship. Many seniors are happy to have someone around to talk to, and a senior care service can give your loved one a social outlet when you're unavailable.

3. Plan regular outings.

Routine can be helpful for seniors, especially if they're beginning to get forgetful. Having a regularly scheduled outing can give your loved one something to look forward to during the week, which can improve their overall health. A trip to the salon to get their hair done or even a walk around the local shops can be a great treat. Getting to be out and about around other people is a wonderful way to stave off feelings of loneliness. If you're busy during the week, a home health aide can accompany your loved one.

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