Three Times That Wellness Checks Can Be Advisable

31 January 2018
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One of the ideal things about partnering with a home health agency to provide care for an aged family member is that you can enlist a health practitioner for a wide range of different services offered within the home. When some people think of home aides, they imagine someone who either spends the day with the patient or perhaps even lives with him or her around the clock. While this can always be an option, it may not be necessary in your specific situation. Depending on the health picture of your aged family member, you may wish to inquire about daily wellness checks, in which the aide drops in to see how your loved one is doing and provides any needed care. Here are some times that daily wellness checks can be suitable.

Surgery Recovery

If your loved one has had major surgery, he or she may need a full-time caregiver. However, in the case of minor surgery, a daily wellness check supplied by a local home health agency can be suitable. The aide can drop in on your family member to ensure that he or she is doing well. This visit can include checking the wound to ensure that it looks healthy, leading your family member through some post-surgery exercises, and perhaps even helping with a couple tasks around the house that are difficult for your loved one in his or her current state.

Loss Of A Spouse

The loss of a spouse is a deeply difficult time for anyone, and you want to ensure that your family member has the support that he or she needs. You'll likely try to provide as much of this support as you can, but it never hurts to call on some backup in the form of a wellness check from your local health agency. A caregiver can stop by to visit the surviving spouse just to see how he or she is doing mentally. The daily visit can be ideal for someone who is lonely, while the caregiver may also notice signs of depression or other similar issues that you may have missed.

Palliative Care

Not all terminal illnesses require a full-time caregiver or relocation to a care facility. If your loved one is not going to get better from whatever illness is affecting him or her, he or she may choose to live at home as long as possible. A daily wellness check from elder care services can determine how the patient is feeling, ensure that he or she is taking any necessary medication, and even provide a cheerful attitude that may be welcome, despite the circumstances.