Elderly Parent Lives Alone And Cannot Drive? Tips So They Can Get Care They Need

20 March 2017
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If you have an elderly parent that cannot drive but still wants to live at home alone, you may find it difficult to provide them with things they need if you live far from them. If so, there are many things you can do to get some help. Below are two of these things so you can determine if they would be right for your parent.

Doctor House Calls

There are doctors that will make house calls to patients. This could be due to a fall your parent may have that results in needing stitches, spraining their ankle, or other type of emergency. If their current doctor does not offer this service, you should consider changing their healthcare to a doctor that does.

The doctor can use portable imaging equipment to help them determine if your parent has a sprain, broken bone, etc.  These machines are wheeled into your parent's home. They can take the image and process it while they are at the home. They can also send an image wirelessly to a radiologist or physician if they need help.

The doctor can give your parent a checkup, which may be much easier for both the doctor and the patient. This is especially true if you parent is in a wheelchair. It is also helpful if your parent is very obese. This is because they can easily lie down on their own bed much easier than they could lie down on an examining table. For more information, contact a medical clinic like Medical House Calls With Compassion.


Because your parent does not drive, you can hire a meal service to bring regular meals to their door. You will go over the types of foods your parent likes with the service. Some meal services will customize meals, such as if your parent is a vegetarian, has diabetes, or is allergic to gluten.

Unless you have a meal service close to you, they can ship the meals to your parent. In many cases the shipping charges are free but not always, so make sure you ask about this.

The meal service may offer subscriptions where a meal box is automatically shipped to make things easier for you and your parent. You can call the meal service to place your orders, or you can set everything up on their website.

These two things can help you rest easy knowing your elderly parent is well taken care of when it comes to their medical and meal needs.