3 Important Reasons To Avoid DIY Mold Removal

9 August 2022
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Sometimes the presence of mold is unknown to homeowners. They may have unexplained phases of illness or allergies that will not clear up. Mold may also be obvious when it grows on surfaces that can be seen by the homeowner. This can lead to the false illusion that it can be cleaned up without the need for professional mold removal services. DIY mold removal can worsen an existing mold contamination situation because it only cleans what can be seen. The following points identify why a DIY approach is a bad idea.

Lack of Experience to Identify Cause 

Mold may be present behind building materials. It is possible for the mold issue to be related to an HVAC or plumbing system. One of the key aspects of mold removal services is determining why the mold is present. This involves thoroughly inspecting a property. If the source of the mold is not identified, it is impossible to perform a thorough removal. This is why homeowners should not attempt DIY methods. Mold remediation technicians have the training and special equipment to detect the origin of mold, where it is located in homes and the correct eradication approach.

Lack of Experience to Identify the Type(s) of Mold 

The average person does not know that there are many types of mold. Some types of mold are toxic, which means that they can cause illnesses. The proper mold removal approach will depend on the type of mold that is present. Individuals who attempt to remove mold on their own with the wrong techniques may cause a more serious issue such as encouraging the growth of a different type of mold or not getting rid of the existing mold.

Lack of Experience to Perform Thorough Cleaning

It cannot be stressed enough that mold removal has to be done correctly. If the cleaning is not thorough, chances are there will be mold left behind. This means that the mold will continue to thrive. Most homeowners who attempt DIY mold removal focus on the mold that they can see on surfaces. This means that if mold is present in other areas such as behind walls, ceilings, basements, crawl spaces, or attics, it will continue to thrive and spread to other building materials. There are also measures such as testing for latent spores and indoor air quality, which must be performed after remediation.

A mold removal service company is a good resource to use to determine if a home has mold contamination. They can inspect homes and determine the origin of mold and the areas where it is present. Based on their findings, they can determine the best removal approach. Sometimes the process requires aggressive approaches such as removing and replacing building materials that are heavily contaminated by mold.

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