An Elderly Author Can Still Keep The Creative Muse Going At A Memory Care Home

4 September 2019
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A senior memory care facility provides valuable custodial care to seniors suffering from severe disorders such as Alzheimer's or dementia. As an older person's memory suffers problems, they find daily tasks difficult to perform. Safety soon becomes an issue for family members, so they turn to a care facility. What happens when a senior is a popular blogger or e-book writer? Can a memory care service help with ensuring the stories the senior wants to tell never fade away? While a memory care center doesn't provide co-writing services, the staff may accommodate requests to help record the senior's thoughts.​

Recording Commentary and Thoughts

Someone suffering from a weakening memory may experience the loss progressively. A senior experiencing progressive memory loss may still retain thoughts about future blog entries or book material. However, the condition might make it difficult to put the words together and complete a project. Family members could step in and help keep the loved one's legacy and body of work alive. If the senior were to record their thoughts about unpublished works, even random, stream-of-consciousness thoughts, a close relative could take the material and fashion a finished work from it. A little assistance from the memory care specialists could help with the project.

Social Activities and Other Opportunities

Dreary movies and television shows sometimes present inaccurate depictions of senior care facilities. A quality facility has much to offer residents and is more than merely a room with a bed. To keep the residents in good spirits, the facilities provide many social, spiritual, and other interactive sessions. Prayer sessions, pet therapy, and other interactive opportunities could get the relative in the mood to discuss their thoughts. The loved one could get into a conversation with another resident that covers writing ideas and related material. The staff could assist by recording a five-minute smartphone video. Doing this three times a week leads to 15 minutes of material.

The Memory Game Option

One popular activity for residents with dementia involves playing memory games. The mind stays sharp when exercised. While the facility has its own games to follow, maybe the loved one can weave their thoughts into the game. If they write down notes from the games, material for future books may exist among them.

A senior memory care community isn't a writer's workshop, but a well-run one does help residents live a normal life. For an aging author, the stay can be productive.

For more information, contact a facility like Tabor Crest Memory Care Community.